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    You or your organisation can benefit from the opportunities we offer. We have quite a few projects going on and there are many open calls for participants or for partner organisations... (read more)

    Opportunities for you
  • What is Equilitri

    It is the simplest and most adaptable Personal Development Method. It is a Journey of self-discovery that can help you find your direction in life, follow your dreams, achieve balance, reach success and happiness, overcome obstacles, become more efficient or more motivated, know yourself better or fulfill other personal or socio-professional development needs... (read more)

    What is Equilitri
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    In the first 3 years alone the Equilitri Network developed 23 different projects and activities in more than 10 countries. Subscribe to the Newsletter to keep updated or visit our news section to find about the latest course, workshops and other projects.(read more)


Equilitri - Personal Development simplified

          WHAT IS IT? ...  Equilitri is a journey to discover yourself, who you are and who you can be, a set of tools to help you reach your full potential.

        WHO IS BEHIND IT? ...   An international team of trainers, mentors, coaches and project managers from 9 European countries called the Equilitri Network.

      FOR WHO IS IT? ...   The Equilitri Journey is available either to companies / organisations, or directly to people who want to benefit from it.

    HOW CAN IT HELP ME? ...   To reach your full potential, find direction in life, overcome obstacles, motivate yourself, set priorities, build a personal development plan and more.

 WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE IT? ... There are plenty of programmes, books and people that promise or claim they can help you in so many ways. The large majority offers advice, success recipes, "X easy steps to...", "secrets" and so on. If you ever tried them, you already know they are inspiring but, in the end, they are not really going to help you. Equilitri is not a success recipe. It does not tell you what to do. It does not give you a model to look-up to that only frustrates you because is so impossible to reach. Instead, it gives you a set of tools, instruments that you can use and draw up your own path. It does not give you tips and tricks or easy fixes. You have to actually get up and do it.

HOW DOES IT WORK? ...   You can join one of our programmes - they range between 3 and 9 days - where you work with our coaches/trainers and a support group to find out the answers and solutions you need most. After that you will receive support (mentoring or coaching, progress assessment and support groups) for a period between 3-9 months, until you feel fully satisfied with the changes you pursued.